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Marine Parts and Accessories & More

Stanley Parts & Equipment Co. offers marine parts and accessories. Below are lists of parts and brands. If there are any additional questions about the barge and boat equipment we offer, contact us, and we will answer any inquiries you may have.


KOBELT: Air controls
PENRAY: Chemicals & Additives
STEWART WARNER: Gauges & Instruments
PATTERSON: Winches & Parts
GATES: Belts & Hoses
PUROSIL: Silicone Hoses
CASTRO: Oil & Lubricants
AVENTICS: Air Controls, Parts & Accessories
INGERSOLL RAND: Air Starters Parts & Accessories
SEW EURODRIVE: Winch Motors & Brakes

CUMMINS: Marine Mid-Range Engines, Parts & Accessories
JOHN DEERE: Marine Engines, Parts & Accessories
MOBIL: Oils & Lubricants
NABRICO: Winches & Accessories
LOCTITE: Sealers & Chemicals
RKI: Winches
DONALDSON: Air Intake Components & Exhaust Components
KTI: Hydraulic Start Systems, Parts & Accessories
MURPHY: Gauges & Instruments

Patterson John Deere NACD Cummins Ingersoll Rand KTI